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Dusanka Kuljanin Endowment Fund

Dušanka Kuljanin, née Zelenović, was born on May 23, 1948, in the town of Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She lived with her parents, sister, and brother in Sarajevo, and later in Konjic, where she completed her education and worked for over 20 years. It was there that she formed her own family, to whom she provided immense love, help, and support throughout her life. Her dedication to her family was boundless, and she passed on her virtues to her children and later to her grandchildren, who loved their grandmother Duška unconditionally.

With the outbreak of the devastating civil war, she moved to Chicago in 1992, where she and her family built a new life from scratch. Under challenging circumstances, she ensured all the necessary living conditions through her hard work and effort. Dušanka was the embodiment of generosity and was always ready to help others. Upon arriving in Chicago, she got involved in humanitarian work to help Serbian families affected by the war. She participated in various initiatives to collect donations and humanitarian aid sent to families in refugee camps across Serbia. At the Church of the Holy Resurrection in Chicago, she joined the humanitarian committee, which collected donations and funds to aid Serbia. She was also particularly interested in helping children and took part in actions to provide materials and equipment to support children in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska.

Although she lived in Chicago for many years, Dušanka always retained a great love for Serbia and the Serbian people wherever they lived. She rejoiced in every progress and success of our people. By establishing this fund in her name, her family wishes to continue her humanitarian work directed toward helping those most in need in Serbia.

Dušanka left behind a legacy of love for family and others. She is missed by all of us, especially by her closest ones, for whom she gave her all. May the Lord grant her eternal peace. Eternal memory.

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