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Dušanka Molnar Memorial Fund

Our Baba Šanka was five days shy of her 96th birthday when she died in her sleep, in her bed, in her home, as she had wished. We were all graced with a sense of relief knowing that she was now at peace after enduring the struggles and pains of old age and things that go along with it. She was a strong woman, physically and emotionally, and raised her three daughters after her husband died tragically by accident, early in their lives.

She worked hard, was an excellent professional chef, a smart dresser who was also trained in fine millinery, and always had wonderful stories to tell.

She loved her daughters, her grandkids and great-grandkids with all of her heart, and we all loved her back. She taught those around her so much, for which we are all grateful. She was an ear that would listen when needed and would tell you back how it is and how it should be, regardless of whether you disagreed or desired otherwise. A visit to her home would never go without a scrumptious bit of something she had prepared, and she would always be willing to teach people how to make anything she knew how. She was a unique woman, and even as she became more frail, her resolve for independence remained steadfast. We can only hope to age as well as she did, and to maintain as much control over our own lives.

She was strict in her own disciplines and was a tough disciplinarian. She believed in education, dedication, and a firm faith in Jesus Christ, God and Orthodox Christianity. She enjoyed her final Holy Communion and Confession a few weeks before departing, which we are sure brought her great comfort and peace.

The Church’s ministries, especially in the areas of education and relief efforts, were of great interest to her and are worthy of our support. As part of her legacy, we are honored to establish this memorial fund in her name.

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