Endowing your legacy


A minimum of $5,000 is set to establish an individual Memorial Fund.

A request must be directed to the Executive Board to establish a Memorial Fund in the name of the deceased. The request may be made by the family or a person wishing to establish the fund.

Once a Memorial Fund has been established, it may later be merged with another Memorial Fund for the purpose of creating a joint Memorial Fund; or it may be transferred or combined into endowment fund to be used exclusively for Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral.

When an existing Memorial Fund is to be transferred or combined to create an Endowment Fund, the basis of the total of the merged funds must equal a minimum of $10,000.

PURPOSE: To serve as a lasting memorial to the deceased and to provide income exclusively for the perpetuation of Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral.

FUND CUSTODIAN:TheMemorialFundsaremanagedbyawell-establishedprofessionalfinancial management firm. The funds will be handled and distributed in compliance with the donor’s wishes. Reports of the financial activities of the endowments will be reviewed by the Executive Board on a monthly basis and made available to the congregation on an annual basis.

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