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Dusan and Golubica Sarich Endowment Fund

Dusan and Golubica Sarich had been lifetime active members of Holy Resurrection and the church community since they arrived in America in 1951. Regardless of challenging times in their lives, they always had faith in the love of God and in the importance of family.

Dusan was one of four children and was born on April 18, 1910 in Djevrske, Dalmacija. Golubica was one of eight children and was born on August 18, 1920 in Dobropoljici, Dalmacija. They met at a sajam and were married on February 2, 1941. Two months later, World War II started and changed the path of their life.

Dusan joined the Chetniks under General Draza Mihailovic to defend Serbia against Communism. Both Dusan and Golubica lost loved ones and suffered hardships during the war. When the communists came into power in 1945 they fled the country with their fellow Chetniks. The journey was a harsh one as Golubica was pregnant with their oldest daughter and the terrain was difficult during the winter months. That journey led them to live in several refugee camps, first in Italy then Germany. Grozdana was born in Italy in 1945 and Jelena was born four years later in Germany. Throughout their years in the refugee camps, they never swayed from their dedication to God and maintaining their Serbian traditions.

In 1951, they were finally granted admission to America. They settled in the Chicagoland area where they firmly planted roots and also expanded their family with the birth of two more daughters, Biserka and Dragana. Dusan and Golubica solidified their commitment to God by becoming members of Holy Resurrection Cathedral. They immediately became actively involved in parish life. Dusan joined the Men’s Club and Golubica became a member of the Church Kolo. They devoted much time and effort to help the church and its community flourish.

Dusan passed away on December 12, 1972 at the age of 62. Devastated, Golubica had to again adjust to a new life, now as a single mother. Once again, she turned to God and the church community for comfort and support. She continued to work tirelessly as a member of the Kolo which included serving as vice-president, and then president of the audit board. She also was a member of the Chetnik Kolo and served as president for many years. Golubica’s most cherished involvement was she became the head cook for Holy Resurrection catering and Friday Fish Fries for over twenty years. She prepared dinners for church slavas, banquets for various occasions including hosting dignitaries, and hundreds of weddings and christenings. Her service was always done with a heart full of love for the church and the church community.

Golubica had a special appeal to the young with her sense of humor and generous heart. As the years went on, her most joyous times were when she became a Baba to Draza, Milovan, and Dusanka, and then a Prababa to Mara, Dusan, Nemanja, and Aleksija. Her joy and love showed with all births in the extended family whom she considered as one. The boundless loving nature she had with all children is why she became “Baba” to so many outside the family as well.

Golubica passed away on October 22, 2020. She made it to the amazing age of 100 having lived a full life of family, faith, and love. As the matriarch of her large cherished family, she was continually surrounded with great love and admiration.

Both Dusan and Golubica were well known and respected in the community, and always engaged in maintaining strong family connections. They left a legacy of love, family, and facing challenges head on with a never wavering devotion to God.

They will forever be missed.

May their memory be eternal. 

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